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Re: Conflicted

RhysM wrote:

flyfish23 wrote:

Ok so here's my dilemma I just sold my D3s because its too darn bulky and I'm not a professional. I' just purchased a d600 today (yet to be delivered) and I'm having buyers remorse. D800 with too many megapixels or the D600 with a more plastic body and simpler controls.

Not sure what to get. Thoughts on both?

Any feedback is helpful.

I think the "plastic body" thing is a non-issue to be honest. It's magnesium apart from the front plate and that's polycarbonate, which whilst not a metal is still an incredibly strong material.

It's basically plastic. According to Nikon, only the top & rear covers are magnesium (like the D7x00):

"The D600 employs magnesium alloy for the top and rear covers."

Some plastics are tougher than some metals, though, so I wouldn't judge a camera by that feature.

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