Considering 10-22 mm, how long do you think Canon will support "S" lenses?

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FNorman wrote:

Everyone has been very helpful, now the only things I have to decide is where to purchase and whether or not to get a filter/lens hood as well. I didn't like using a filters on my kit lens, but it's possible that was because the ones I tried were not very good quality. I do like a lens hood though.

depends which UWA you go for. If you go with the Canon, I can tell you that the hood from Canon is a beast, very wide (and shallow, but all hoods for UWA are that). I bought a cheap version from ebay, and I am happy that I didn't spend the money on the Canon version, because it essentially stays always at home, because of the stupid shape (all the other hoods I can reverse on the lens for storage in the bag). So, it's my hand that has to play the role of the hood in some scenarios, to block the sun, although as mentioned, the lens is very flare resistant. There is just one  particular angle where one has to be careful.

As to filters, of course there are pros and cons.  If you get a good, multicoated filter, it should be ok, apart from perhaps a little extra flare, but you can always take off the filter. The biggest problems with filters always seem to be on longer focal lengths, e.g., the Canon 100-400, not the shorter focal lengths. In my case, I use a filter on the 10-22 during traveling, because the front elements move within an outer barrel when zooming. That means you have an inner barrel moving inside the outer barrel, and in this edge, if there is dust coming in, it would be difficult to clean, and dirt might work itself into the lens when zooming. With the filter, you seal that. Of course the lens itself is not dust sealed like an L, but a least one dust entry point can be sealed.

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