Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Before I bought my first DSLR, I was heavily leaning towards the Nikon D90 which is still an excellent camera up til now but did some further research and thought over my shooting style when was still shooting film. Since I was not heavily invested with my old Canon AE1, I could go to any brand (but was still on a budget).

Trying out some Canon DSLRs, I never did like how they rendered photos and they have no lens system that I was interested in so Canon was already out of the running.

I did like how the D90 felt and handled and was also interested with the DX 35mm f1.8g but I never did felt comfortable following the local Nikon herd here then googled further then bam! Pentax and namely the K-r.

The K-r did ticked a lot of what I was looking for.

-in body AF motor


-was surprised that it bested the D90 in high ISO shooting

-prime lens line-up

-its interesting

Where I am from, the D90 still commanded a small premium over the K-r but I was really enticed with the DA Limited lens line-up so I went to my local B&M and it just felt right. The build was solid, it felt solid like old film SLRs, the AF was very snappy and it comes in white! I could have pushed more for a K7 but the K-r has better a low-light/high ISO shooting capability. I'm still very happy with my purchase that I also bought a DA40 Limited and a DA70 Limited when I had extra cash. I'm not a full time professional but I also get to do paid work every now and then with my the humble K-r.

This shot won 1st place from a DPR Challenge

And I just love how the DA70 Limited renders

If things go well this year, I may get the K3s if its comes out (hopefully its an APSC akin to a D300s) or a K5IIs

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