Fueling the D300 successor firestorm - another survey by Thom

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Fueling the D300 successor firestorm - another survey by Thom

Or maybe it's only a little forum D300/D400/D9000 brushfire, however ...

As some of you guessed, I was intentionally simplistic in the survey design. Essentially it's a straw poll, and just enough information to tell us where you folk sit on Nikon's camera designs in a general sense. For the record, over 6000 of you took the poll, so we've definitely got enough data here to start a discussion.

... Because most of you don't have experience with all the cameras I asked about, what my poll really revealed is perception. In product marketing you can ask all the "rate this feature" questions you want of users, but one of the toughest things to get real data on is overall perception. By not telling you what I was up to and not giving you any guidance, what I was trying to figure out is how you perceived all these Nikon DSLRs, both in terms of their launch importance as well as their overall ability. Frankly, there's some clear perception problems showing in this data, and Nikon isn't addressing them.

Now for the results you've been waiting for: what's the best Nikon camera ever made? (Remember, that's perceived best, not necessarily actual best.) This list might surprise you a bit:

  1. D800 (28.7%)
  2. D3s (20.3%)
  3. D4 (15.9%)
  4. D700 (12.4%)
  5. D300 (5.1%)
  6. D3 (4.7%)

That the D300 is up there so high tells you all you need to know: Nikon would be incredibly brain dead not to update that camera, and if they did it right (ala the D800 from D700 update), it could be a significant player in Nikon's reputation. Also note that the D4 didn't topple the D3s.


Nikon D300
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