Memory (RAM) Speed

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Michael Firstlight Veteran Member • Posts: 3,017
Memory (RAM) Speed

I am planning a new high-end workstation build.  I currently have a i920 (Bloomfield) OCed at 4GHz running a pair of X25M SSDs in RAID 0 (backed up of course), a 5850 OCed graphics card and 24GB of 1600 speed RAM.  That machines MOB/BIOS calls for 1.5v memory, which I am using.  I'll be moving that machine to my studio to replace an old clunker in there later this Spring.

My new build - which is my main editing workstation on which I edit gigapixel images regularly (and some game playing and video editing as well), will be a Haswell-based machine when the unlocked desktop Haswell CPUs are released.  Although the Intel chipsets for the 1150 socket boards have been released to board makers (and fixed of late due to a major chipset bug), the 1150 MOB's are just starting to be announced; I expect them to become available in the May/June time frame when the Haswell CPUs also hit the street.

My question is about memory speed.  I know there is negligible difference in speed between say, 1600 and 1866, and even 2133 or even 2400 memory for that matter.  I am expecting to see and get an MOB that can support 64GB (8x8) of RAM.

Of course I OC every CPU I get to the max; my new build will be water cooled like my last one (using an H100i).  I'm not seeking faster RAM sticks for performance, but want to be sure what I do get doesn't inhibit my ability to max the OCing of the CPU.   I've always understood that Intel MOBs need 1.5v (max) sticks and to stay away from 1.65v sticks for Intel rigs. Is that true or a wives tale and might the new 1150 MOBs support 1.65v RAM?

I am afraid going with 1600 RAM will limit my ability to OC a Haswell CPU.  Will using say, 1866 or 2133 RAM be less of a limitation when OCing or at least,  make it easier to push that CPU to the max?  I recall I had to up my BCLK rather than the multiplier to get my P6T MOB to properly OC to 4GHz and I set my RAM to XMP mode (which I much prefer to do), but I don't think late model MOBs require OCing by raising the BCLK and instead need only increase the multiplier which I don't believe impacts the southbridge/RAM speed.  Is that correct?


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