Bad experience with Hitachi service

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Osvaldo Cristo
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Bad experience with Hitachi service

A few months ago I bought from Hitachi a 3TB Enterprise hard disk to pair my Intel series 520 SSD into my workstation.

I paid a premium price for this high reliable disk for use in Enterprise applications 24X7, including a five years warranty.

The disk looks very well constructed and my initial impression was very positive, but after a very few days it started to present ramdom error and finally it was died a few hours late. No problems, yet - I am very aware s**** happens.

  1. I checked for local warranty (I bought it in US and I was using it in Brazil). No way to grant the warranty locally as Western Digital actually made... a little deception, but I think it is fair to demand to claim the warranty in the country where it was purchased. No complains
  2. I got the RMA and I sent the disk from US (I travel frequently for business) but after a few weeks I discovered they had lost the original disk! I had to provide the proof I sent it to them, including the signed confirmation from one of their employees they actually received the damaged disk. A little upset
  3. It took a loooong time to receive it in my US address but finally it arrived. A little bit more upset for the slow timing (can you imagine if it was really very important to my use?)
  4. Finally I unpacked the disk unit and prepared it to format and replace the "emergency" 2TB disk I had used until now...but, wait... oh no: the disk is refurbished and with Jul-2011 date - it means I would have less than four years warranty for a refurbished unit... but I paid a premium price for a brand new unit including five years warranty! I am very upset.

My point is not on the failure of disk. I was prepared for that. I cannot accept their sub standard service - crowned by the refurbished disk with shorter warranty!

I really hope other do not have so bad service experience with this manufacturer... and for new comers, be aware the risk you are entering into...

Best regards
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