Anyone working with only an iPad?

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Re: iPad beats notebooks in some tasks

Hulamike wrote:

Depends on the size files you're mashing I guess. My ipad2 has no problem whatsoever handling files of from 2.5-4 Meg's. For a lot of the work I do, that's as large a file as I need. If I were shooting raw or large jpeg I'd use a computer too I suppose But for smaller files the iPads liberating.

It's more of a software issue for me.  I shoot almost exclusively raw, and when I send files via connection kit I send raw files as they just convert to jpg in the transmission.

If the iPad offered heavy processing power and ram, where I was able to use a full blown mobile version of Photoshop, InDesign, etc., and use layers, etc., without a hitch and able to save my work to a normal file system instead of screwing around with iTunes...  then I'd be all over that version of the iPad!

I still haven't found a tablet that I like over the iPad, but the iPad still has a few serious deficiencies that I'd love to see Apple correct.

I much rather go over photographs for editing with others using my iPad over the notebook as I actually find it quicker to scoot around from gallery to gallery which might have hundreds of photographs per gallery; But I have to use my notebook ultimately to arrange things the way I want on my pad via going through iTunes, which I think is down right horrible.

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