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Re: Recommend me DSLR + Equipment

vatoloco wrote:

So if I choose canon it would be Eos 60D / 7D equivalent to the DX D7100?

I would say the 7D is more of the equivalent. But yes, the D7100 is newer. But then again, maybe you can get a good deal on the D7000.

Add Yn622's and I am right to go with wireless eTTL and full manual control over my flashes by my dslr body, right?

If the point is to go with Canon's Radio wireless system, then you have to use all the Canon radio wireless gear. In other words, the only radio flash is the 600EX-RT. Otherwise, Canon uses the  same line of sight, and not very reliable, infrared system used by everyone else, including Nikon. If you are just looking for manual control of the flash (not TTL) from the camera position, there are much better and less expensive alternatives.

Downside is both are quite old compared to D7100. I am a lil bit confused right now on what to buy...

Amateurs worry about gear. Professional worry about money. Masters worry about light. You need to define what you want to do and then work backwards. For most portrait shoots, you do not need nor want TTL flash. You want the consistency of manual flash. However, the ability to control the flash from the camera position is nice to be able to do. TTL flash is generally used for less controlled situations: fast moving events (weddings), photojournalism, and other situations where you can't take 30-seconds to actually meter your light. Now maybe you do want TTL. In which case, there isn't really much difference between Nikon and Canon unless you go with all Canon 600EX-RT flashes @ over $600 a pop... US.

In terms of selling the 35mm f/1.8. This is why I say slow down. You had a great prime. If you wanted a longer focal length, you could have simply added an 85mm f/1.8. Perspective is determined by distancenot focal length. And primes can be a great way to learn this (not too mention generally brighter and sharper). Everything in photography is going to be a compromise. There is no perfect lens. No perfect camera. No perfect light. No perfect triggering system. Only different choices depending on one's budget and what they want to accomplish.

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