I LOVE my d600

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Re: I LOVE my d600

Bob from Plymouth wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

Love mine also. Anyone else notice that most of the hate for the D600 seems to come from those that don't have one?

I think that's partly the problem but there are some unhappy D600 owners, just as there are some unhappy owners of almost any product. The question is how many have Nikon actually sold and what is the ratio of dirty D600's to clean ones? Also how many other DSLR's would show a similar amount of sensor dirt on a de-focussed sky shot at f16? Only nobody is looking for it.

I haven't noticed any sensor dirt/dust on my D600 in normal use but if I do "the test" I can see a few spots. I never cleaned my D700 in two-and-a-half years and the images were ok - but you could find some spots if you did "the test". Similarly my Olympus cameras, the first with sensor cleaning, were never cleaned but it was possible to find the odd spot under lab' conditions. The difference was that nobody got paranoid about it.

I do agree that there are unhappy users who have bought the camera. And since they bought it I do think they have a right to complain. But it seems to me most of the posts here about this issue are coming from those who don't have it.

And I do agree that it's become almost paranoid. I love the posts from some users that they have had their camera for two years and it never gets any dust. I'd like to see some proof of that, hard to believe unless they only take pictures inside a clean room!

I did see on another website this morning that someone purchased a D7100 and they were returning it because it had a dust spot and therefore was defective!

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