Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

klavrack wrote:

I like my Pentax system, but wouldn't try to talk you into the expense of changing systems.

Pentax strengths--

-IB stabilization gives stabilization to any legacy lenses.

-K-5iis or its replacement arguably the best ASPC on the market

-Limited prime lenses, if that kind of shooting appeals to you

-about 25000 more shots per sensor cleaning than the D600


-B&M availability

-few lenses in mid-long telephoto range

-weaker flash system

-no full-frame path as yet

I'm probably overlooking many points both pro and con, but that's what occurs to me.

-relative unpopularity limits lens borrowing from friends, etc.

I would add to the pros:

size - pentax gear tends to be much smaller and lighter than their canikon equivalents.  which means I can carry more gear which means more lens options or I can carry the same gear further.

weather sealing - when I travel, who knows what the weather will be like, but I know I will not let weather stop me from taking pics of places I may never be at again.  and Pentax makes weather sealed lenses (a rubber o ring at the bottom of the lens does not make a weather sealed lens) that are affordable - their 18-55 and 50-200 are both below $250 ea.

ergonomics - many reviewers comment that Pentax DSLR's feel like they were designed by a photographer.  the controls are where they should be and the options to customize buttons are well thought out

value - take a look at the k30 for example.  it's a midrange camera that has weather seals, dual control wheels, pentaprism viewfinder, and focus peaking.  these are features you'd have to pay much more for in other brands, particularly nikon and canon.

in body stabilization - every lens I mount, even legacy glass, is stabilized.  if you ever shoot when light is dimming and you don't want to incur a noise/resolution penalty from bumping up the iso, you'll be glad you have this feature.  Plus it makes lenses smaller and lighter (and in theory less expensive, though that's not always the case)

Pentax Limited Primes - amazing picture quality, small size, awesome build quality.

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