A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

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Re: A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

zkz5 wrote:

I absolutely love this setting but I don't think it fits the family theme very well.

The setting and color conveys loneliness to me and the more people that are in the frame the more they seem out of place, so I think #1 and #2 are the best of these.

If I could re-do these I would:

* frame the shot as in #1

* use the mother and child only as subjects

* have them wear colors that contrast the scene more (i.e. not that grey coat)

* mother facing away from the camera as in #2, child leaning over mother's shoulder facing towards the camera, mother tightly embracing the child as if worried.

But that's probably not the sort of photo your subjects want...

Nice suggestions, but I'm concerned the image would be only halfway 'stylised' and therefore feel forced – might be even better if the provocative nature was dialled WAY up, Helmut Newton style: wait for a spotted blue sky, sun low enough for long shadows, a polarising filter in front of lens – have the woman and child closer to the camera, the camera lower and angled slightly upward giving the subjects a 'heroic' appearance, dress the woman in skin tight metallic white tights, topless facing the buildings (muscular back to camera), baby in left arm casually glancing toward the lens over woman's shoulder. The dystopian buildings looming in the background reiterating a state controlled society.

i wish.

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