Why use Pentax?

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It all comes down to value. If the image quality was not there then there would be no excuse to shoot Pentax but it is.

So then it is a value equation. Since Pentax does not have to artificially differentiate 5 or 6 tiers of DSLR's you won't find yourself frustrated by the omission of obvious features just to make you buy the slightly better model. Pentax, AFAIK, has never produced a DSLR without spot metering.

Also, when you combine very high performance imagers with features like in-body lens stabilization then Pentax really starts to look good.

Yes, Canon and Nikon both make some great cameras. I'm not a fanboy either but for me Pentax made the most sense in the value equation.

PS - There are also other factors like ergonomics and size.  Here I think Pentax shines as well.  To get most of the capabilities of the K5 for instance you have to reach for one of the bulky tanks in either Canon or Nikon's stable.  No thanks.  I love the way the K-5 handles.

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