Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

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Re: Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

It would be very cool if you could provide some high ISO, low light samples from both cameras.

I wish I thought of making some sample shots before I sold my D300s, but I didn't.  Not to worry, there will be plenty of people who will be making this comparison soon.

All I know is from my eyes and what I remember I got from the D300s, and the D7100 is giving me at least ISO 800 performance when I set the ISO two stops higher than that, and even better when you resize the D7100 image down to the D300 size.

You may want to watch Scott Kelby's Youtube report where he was equally impressed with the low noise at higher ISOs at this price-point.

Enough of a difference for me that I think I'll be sticking with it instead of dropping another $400 to $500 to go to the D600.

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