Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Why rub salt to the wound.

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My nickel, since the penny is being discontinued...

This similar to the humm and other issues reported on the OMD, that in fact they are no issues, it is just like the cameras work, not defects.

Olympus addressed the hum with a firmware update.  Now it only is present when focusing.

There are more people saying the EVF is fine. I have tried one for many hours and the EVF was perfect, I tried an OMD and the humm is hardly noticeable and it is the way IBIS works.

The fact that it isn't a problem for most people doesn't mean it isn't a problem for some.

Imo the moderators should use as much restraint as possible when responding to comments that bother them.  Otherwise, people could feel that there is a Big Brother mentality governing this forum.

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