From your online shopping experiences..

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Re: From your online shopping experiences..

Thanks to all for your input...

There were other contents in the well-packed shipping box, a Fuji 35mm lens and two remote flash triggers... None had the damages as the camera box, validating my claim that the retail box was dropped (or whatever might have happened) before it was placed in the shipping container.

My question came after reading some feedback on some of the well-known retailers would "accidentally" send out "slightly used" lenses or cameras as new, etc. It never happened to me in the past. I am not so lucky this time, albeit it was a new camera but the box was dropped and dented.... It's difficult to have faith in the company again, specially the email exchange takes a long time (mine from this morning hasn't been returned and nor did the Service Rep offer a number to call...)..

I guess I should not have bought a new camera before a trip; accidents do happen..

But shipping out an obviously damaged box was no accident.



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