Why use Pentax?

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Jake64 wrote:

I am a Nikon user but I am far from a fanboy. My question is, why do people choose Pentax over big hitters like Nikon and Canon? I don't think I have ever seen anyone using a Pentax DSLR in person or in a photo. I have combed through dozens of photos of photographers but they all apper to be using Nikon and Canon products. I also looked into wedding and studio photographers. The ones that do mention what equipment they use, it is never Pentax. Is that initself the allure; that few use it and it feels more special?


Well, you must be in the US. Here in Europe, there is always _someone_ else around with a Pentax

My first DSLR was (and is) the K-5. I didn't have any old lenses but had used my girlfriend's Canon from time to time. I wasn't happy at all with the Canon user interface (what's that wheel doing there?). If my girlfriend had had more lenses, I might have gone with Canon nevertheless. I considered a used 40D for a while as the 7D was really pricey. Also looked at a used Nikon D90. However, the K-5 really convinced me. Initially I thought it was too small, but after handling it for a while I found that it was really comfortable. And in contrast to Canon it had an intuitive interface. I also liked that the mode dial didn't have any special sports/night/panorama/... programs (that I wouldn't use anyway). The WR sealed the deal (pun intended).

And yes, a tiny part of the allure is using more "exotic" equipment


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