Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Jake64 wrote:

I am a Nikon user but I am far from a fanboy. My question is, why do people choose Pentax over big hitters like Nikon and Canon? I don't think I have ever seen anyone using a Pentax DSLR in person or in a photo. I have combed through dozens of photos of photographers but they all apper to be using Nikon and Canon products. I also looked into wedding and studio photographers. The ones that do mention what equipment they use, it is never Pentax. Is that initself the allure; that few use it and it feels more special?

Maybe you should turn your observation around and wonder why you need to see other people using a product to feel safe about its use?

Most, if not all, Pentax shooters have bought into Pentax after looking at everything else. They found some combination of value that other brands didn't offer, although if you ask each one, I'll bet none will have the same combinations of reasons. If you think about the one thing all Pentax shooters have in common, it is the ability to see for themselves what works for them. No advertising, no sales pitch, no automatic peer acceptance just because of branding, they thought about it, maybe were about to try it, maybe they owned it from long ago, and still came to see it was a good choice for them.

I've seen a couple of people post they like owning a brand that others don't, and I've always thought it was a stupid reason to buy into Pentax. These people are worse than the marketing sheep that just buy what their neighbors buy, because they are really doing the same, just believing that they aren't. If you can't determine value for yourself, then I'm not sure how you can "live" the rest of your life.

Thank you

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