Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax? In body stabilization!

Jake64 wrote:

I am a Nikon user but I am far from a fanboy. My question is, why do people choose Pentax over big hitters like Nikon and Canon? I don't think I have ever seen anyone using a Pentax DSLR in person or in a photo. I have combed through dozens of photos of photographers but they all apper to be using Nikon and Canon products. I also looked into wedding and studio photographers. The ones that do mention what equipment they use, it is never Pentax. Is that initself the allure; that few use it and it feels more special?


I like the K-5 as it allows you to combine several function / modes together in useful ways.   I use it foe time lapse, and being able to do a lot of the corrective work in camera is valuable - who wants to process 12,000 stills.

In body stabilization lets me use a prime lens made in 1950 and get stabilization.   This is a 400mm club:

Attached to my K-5...

That takes pictures like this HANDHELD using the in body stabilization.

( Yes, its a terrible picture, but no motion blur!   Imagine what a decent lens can do....   This is from a s-m-c Pentax A* 300mm f/4, again. hand held.   No post processing...

No, really, take a look at the original....

The ability to take a good, cheap, older lens and get another 2 or 3 stops out of it makes some nice glass affordable.

I was a Fuji shooter, and I'm still somewhat nostalgic for "Fuji colors" but I've found that some of the older Takumar lenses have color rendition that somewhat compensates.   Plus they are cheap, built like tanks, and are great for the time lapse work I like to do...   OMG a bird pooped on the lens as it was baking in the sun?   No big deal.

Its one of the more affordable weather sealed offerings on the market.

The NR tends to give a more film like appearance by reducing chrominance noise at the expense of luminance noise.   Luminance noise, while more visible, is also more natural, and we mentally filter it out better.   I love the way the K-5 deals with noise.

Anyway, the K-5 was my first digital from Pentax, and I'm still happy with the purchase 3 years later.

There are some bad parts to Pentax, namely its a niche brand.   Expens of new lenses, variety of new lenses.   I think Ricoh will eventually turn things around.   But Pentax has been struggling as a company for a couple decades.

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