Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

klavrack wrote:

I like my Pentax system, but wouldn't try to talk you into the expense of changing systems.

Pentax strengths--

-IB stabilization gives stabilization to any legacy lenses.

-K-5iis or its replacement arguably the best ASPC on the market

-Limited prime lenses, if that kind of shooting appeals to you

-about 25000 more shots per sensor cleaning than the D600


-B&M availability

-few lenses in mid-long telephoto range

-weaker flash system

-no full-frame path as yet

I'm probably overlooking many points both pro and con, but that's what occurs to me.

-relative unpopularity limits lens borrowing from friends, etc.

I am very happy with the Nikon system but I was just curious what Pentax owners have to say. It seems like it's just the Nikon/Canon show just about everywhere. I'm not just talking professionally. I work in a large tourist attraction and since I am a camera guy, I keep a keen eye on what products people are using to take photos. It's mostly Canons. Canons, Canons everywhere. All the young folk seem to have them and never anything above a 7D but most have the Rebel line. Here and there I willl see an older person with a semi pro Nikon. Never in my five years here, have I seen a Pentax.

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