Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

When i switched from bridge camera to DSLR years ago there were a few reasons i chose Pentax, those reasons aren't necessarily the reasons i will stay with Pentax however.

1) I didn't want to follow the crowd and buy a Canon, I'll admit this!

2) Nikon really just didn't have anything i wanted, seriously they were either lacking at the time or you had to pay big bucks to get something more desirable

3) The Pentax K10D at the time checked all the boxes i was looking for in a camera, both abilities and ergonomics

4) Just before i bought the K10D the Oly E510 came out and that gave me a little pause, I have to say i'm so happy i didn't go the Oly route.

Now little did i know back then that buying into a Pentax system would be the best photographic decision i was to make. I'm sure this would've been true of any brand but the Pentax allowed me to do so much more, learn so much more but on top of all the usual stuff...

it opened the door to using cheaper older manual focus lenses, it allows for focus trap, not just focus confirmation. The ability to have stabilization on all lenses, something i was used to with the bridge camera. The ability to experiment a lot more easily with my own optics projects. Also  the dreaded and yet wonderful LBA (Lens buying addiction) sure other brands claim it exists but with Pentax it infects nearly 100% of the users. Now i have a full list of lenses from 8mm to 800mm, AF and MF. I've played with many unique and different lenses, I have a collection of 1950's lenses i can still use. This collecting has spread into 4 35mm film SLR cameras from different eras, 3 medium format film cameras from different eras and a small auto 110 kit. The Pentax system has afforded me so many opportunities to explore and experiment that i couldn't imagine my life without Pentax. Now had i gone Canon or Nikon I still would've developed in photography, I'm sure i still would've experimented in optics but far less and I know I just wouldn't have had as much fun and growth over the last 6 years.

Pentax isn't for everyone but it sure hit the spot perfectly for me. No other camera company would've nurtured my growth on photography and photographic/optical understanding as Pentax did. If it weren't for the possibilities of the Pentax system I'm sure I wouldn't have stayed as enthusiastic about photography as I have. I'm also somewhat of a problem solver, the few lackings in the Pentax system became my problems to overcome, this is something i did in spades!

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