Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

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gary stepic
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Re: Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

I would be happy with one stop improvement. I am also curious if dynamic range will be any better than D300S. If I am going to start shooting more jpgs this could be important when shooting in bright sun. 12 megapixels is more than enough for media guides so 15 will be just fine for when I do shoot in the 1.3 mode. I also like the idea of a little more detail because I can bring action closer by either having more room to crop when using 24 megapixes or using the 1.3 crop mode in camera.

The money I am saving (I have budgeted $1900 for the D300S replacement) could go toward a battery grip and other accesories. I tend to raise my elbow with when shooting vertical, usually not a problem but it was bothering a photographer next to me during a game. The battery grip will help in that regard.

I am really curious to learn more about the transmitter for mobile devices. That could come in handy for posting sports photos to the web quickly.


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