From your online shopping experiences..

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Re: From your online shopping experiences..

Al Valentino wrote:

I don't know which company you are referring to but there is no reason to think they blatantly shipped a damaged box. Boxes can and do get damaged in shipping. This one does not look like it was dropped but instead crushed. The contents are too light to do this damage from a drop but getting crushed somewhere in transit it possible.

From that you report you got a damaged box and nothing else (bad). I would keep it since it performs as expected. The contents are packed well, and packed so that the box absorbed the shock, not the contents. Since you say you are leaving then just use it. If there was a problem it would show up immediately.

Anyway, that is my take. Just enjoy your camera

Did you even read the original post?

"There was no damage to the shipping box or other contents inside the box...

Obviously, the retail package was dropped before being placed inside the shipping container...."

Damage this severe would have shown on the box it was packed in if it had happened in shipment.

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