A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

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Re: A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

deuler wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

This is the best one by far IMO.


The people standing nearer of the camera frame the picture and the couple is looking at you, instead of turning their backs to the camera. Since they are far enough, they don't block the view of the buildings in the background, nor that of the rail.

The whole could need a little more contrast. Open the shadows if hat makes the foreground and buildings too dark. Add a little clarity too, to get more local contrat (thinking to it, it may be the only added contrast ths picture needs)

Interesting place by the way. I wish I could see it in person.

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Thanks for your feedback. I was also partial to this one as the 'subject' is clearly the couple. The other images in the series don't have clear 'subjects' as the background and foreground fight for attention, although the image where the couple is looking at the buildings does resolve the issue a bit.

I have upped the contrast and clarity a bit and opened the shadows a touch too. Let me know if the image below is in the direction you were thinking.

Yes that s in the direction I was thinking, may a little too much so for the couple's faces. To make hens pop out more, you could try to use the brush to lighten them a little more, may be just pushing th shadow slider a little to the right.. Or perhaps also a little tiny push t the expsure slider. You ave to try. Use a brush with very  soft edge. Then use the brush to tanke the highlights again in the sky between the two buildings on the left (you have lost details ther by adding contrast.

Well ths is jst guessing, because I'm on the iPad and don't ave any mean to try it in LR. Too bad that the guy on the left dn't showing a little bit of his face.


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