Please Critique Photo for Composition and Camera Settings

Started Mar 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
jbf Veteran Member • Posts: 3,521
Re: Please Critique Photo for Composition and Camera Settings

Steve Throndson wrote:


That's a really nice edit. Better than my attempt. This is how we learn - or re-learn what we once knew, but keep forgetting The photograph is about the flower and the pillars - and the contrast between them. You've reduced it to that essence.


Thanks Steve. I was going to do something closer to your edit, just removing a few elements, but I kept manipulating the lighting in an attempt to provide a different point of view for the OP. If I had more time to spend on it, I think I could make it look less manipulated while keeping the focus on the flowers. It would be easier to edit if it was re-shot using some of the very good suggestions made by other posters in this thread.

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