Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Re: Ming Thein reviews the GH3

jalywol wrote:

richarddd wrote:

Bottom line, essentially the same image quality as the E-M5, but he does not like the "UI and overall control logic: it just doesn’t feel like a well-thought out product, and isn’t at all intuitive in use."

Interesting review actually. From the hoopla, I thought it would be a lot worse.

What is clear is that the ergonomics of the camera just put him off of it. I can't quite figure out why he had problems with the menu system, actually, though, as it is far less complex than the equivalent Oly set up which he uses with no problems....

Essentially, he said, IQ seems about the same as the OMD, but that he disliked it in hand so much that he wasn't going to bother figuring out how to optimize it for his work.

Fair enough. When I tried the EPL5, after using it for a day I found it so uncomfortable to hold, and the rear screen so small that I boxed it up and gave up. Great output, but not for me......Sounds like this happened here with the GH3 and the reviewer.

No biggie....it is what it is.


My two cents; I tried the gx1, the g1, and for the heck of it I you lent find my way to the settings as easily as I could with my olys.  These include the e-30, e5 from the 43 era, and the ep1, epl2, ep3 or em-5 that I have owned.

I also never got into the 40d canon menu, and still don't really understand the Sony rx100  menu.

somehow, I personally feel the OLY menus to be very intuitive, with very clear top / down, in/ out flow across alomen us and setting selections.  This I feel and agree with Ming thein's review. For me too the OLY menus are just so clear and easy to get into.

so ultimately it has to be personal preference.

i also want to state that his reviews are always bordering on sarcastic and with a dissing tone. Read the OLY review and the initial paragraphs show the same tone.

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