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ianmoodya wrote:

Does anyone know how to force an Epson 3880 to NEVER SWITCH INKS?

I haven't found a way yet.

We only have matte paper, only print on matte paper, only ever want to print on matte paper.

Photo black does not exist in our dojo.

Yet at least once a week for a year or so the printer has forgotten some setting someplace and tried to do a gloss print - which then entails an ink swap, followed by some swearing and another ink swap to get back to matte black.

This has happened so many times that the thing has no run out of photo ink, and wont print anything until we install a new photo ink cartridge which we will never use. Grrrr

Does anyone have any ideas?

ps. "Check your print settings before each print" isn't a valid answer - 99% of the time we do - yet a year or so of missing it 1% of the time has used up a whole ink cartridge and wasted hours of time swapping. We're now stuck waiting a day without printing for the expensive next day delivery of an ink cartridge we'll never use.

You could get cheap third party ink for that one cartridge.

We're not afraid of getting physical with the printer to stop this.

Here are some options that would be nice if they worked:

a) firmware setting that locked it to one link

Some RIPs may be able to do this, but most RIPSs cost more than the ink you would waste.

b) warning on printer dialog that "this will entail an ink change" so we can catch it sooner.

I wish. The larger format Epsons do this. They ask if you actually want to do a swap allow you to abort the print before any ink waste. Strangely, the wide format printers don't have the nice ink usage logging that the 3880 has.

c) inserting some kind of special "empty" photo cartridge

Or cheap third party cartridge.

I've only had one actual idea that might work:

d) Delete ALL paper types from the printer setup other than the matte papers -

Does anyone know if that might work?

If it does, then let us know. I am sure that many would like a solution like this.

ps. This is under OS X Mountain Lion / Photoshop CS6

You should at least be able to set the default to matte paper, this is certainnly possible under Windows. The normal default is photo, so if you change a few settings and forget to go through it all again, you can easily end up with the wrong black.

In Windows it is simply a matter of right clicking on the printer icon, choosing Preferences, then setting the default paper to any of the matte papers. There has to be a similar thing on Mac.

Another thing that you could do, would be to set up all your papers as custom settings, so that you never have to go into the regular media choices. Not foolproof, but lowers the chances. You can also move things around in the menus via the utility tab in the printer preferences dialog (it may be elsewhere on a Mac). Note you can also delete whole groups of menu items here too, eg all the photo papers.

Brian A

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