leaving olympus as main brand

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Each to his own

I wish you well and hopefully the moderators will move this thread to where it belongs.

One thing about photography is that there's a place for everyone and I'd be the last one to question why people do things.  I do hope that Olympus is not paying any attention to you however.

I made my decisions to support Olympus because of build quality, weather sealing, internal stabilization, quality lenses and a well thought out lens road map - nothing has changed to alter that view.  I am disappointed with the delay in the 100 mm macro and lack of long range lenses (400+) in the HG line but there are options and you can still find the Bigma for under $1500.

The bodies you mention weigh in at around 500 to 560 grams versus my E3 at 800 grams (no battery) and the E5 at 890 grams (with battery).  Plastic has it's place but my choice was for the magnesium alloy.  Similarly, the Nikon shutter activation has been tested to 100k - that's 60% of my E3 (150k).  I suspect that we're not comparing apples to apples here.  The fact that Nikon offers the 3200 in red makes me think they're catering to a different market and hopefully Olympus never stoops to that in a flagship line.

Lots of great photographers live in the bargain world, picking up lenses and bodies here and there as opportunity permits.  You are correct that Olympus is a difficult world for that.  Good Olympus glass is expensive and will stay that way.  On the other hand, good Canon glass is expensive and so is good Nikon glass.

Anyway, all the best and good luck with your decisions.


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