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Re: What's so great about a simple box?

scorrpio wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

And who cares what it looks like anyway? I'm after a comfortable grip with well-placed controls and good overall ergonomics. I think a simple box like many of the old film SLRs fails in all three ways.

I gotta say, I don't get all the ooh-ing over the things of the past. Things like antique furniture, early cars, and various early 20th century tech do impress me from a workmanship standpoint: making something like that using manufacturing methods available at the time took some skill. But going for that retro look today with modern computer-controlled, laser-cutting machinery is really nothing special.

I guess it takes all sorts, I don't see anything remotely as well made as this today at any price despite all the laser gizmo.

Something this good that fits that well in the hands with unsurpassed lens quality and FF would sell pretty well now:

Nikon 35ti

Not just a simple box...

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