Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

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Re: Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

A Owens wrote:

If we take the Nikons best lens (85/F1.4),

Here is where your understanding gets tripped up. Does this lens resolve more than the D800 is capable of revealing?

DXO reckons that the D800 will only give 3 more MP than the D3x,

Can this be right? If so what is the constraint? Why are the extra MP not counting for much?

It's a matter of diminishing returns. DxO's rating of this lens suggests that it resolves all 12 MP from a D700, so the lens resolves more than the D700 can reveal, but it comes up short of everything that the D3x can reveal, and the D800 shows the shortcomings of the lens even more.

possibly only 2 MP gap than the D600 which reportedly has a very light AA filter. No numbers for the 800e.

Disabling the AA filter on a 36 MP sensor is going to get better results than weakening the AA filter on a 24 MP sensor.

If the Nikkor 85/1.4 is the lens you want to use, then you buy a Nikon camera to use it on (I am looking at a similar dilemma right now as I was looking this morning at a photo taken with my Minolta 200/2.8 and it has me thinking I should keep my A850 to use with that beautiful lens); this is why the lenses define which system you want to buy into and not the other way around. Now if you want the absolutely most you can get from the 85/1.4 then you put it on a D800E, but if the D3x or D600 suits you better then you are not losing that much with them, and if 12 MP is enough for you than you can just stick the 85/1.4 on a D700.

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