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Re: What were those "inaccuracies", exactly?

NZ Scott wrote:

Winston Loo wrote:

Agree.. but why is he censoring my objective comments. I pointed out some inaccuracies as well as my own opinion of using the GH3. He moderated it. Is he afraid of feeback that differs from his? Tell me that doesnt smack of bias bordering predjudice.

Winston, this is I think the fourth time I've read this comment of yours about him censoring your opinions. If I'm not mistaken you've also been making this accusation on the 43rumours site, under a different name.

I'm curious to know exactly what your opinion was, and what these "inaccuracies" were.

Could you please cut-and-paste it as a reply?

I have a suspicion from the tone of your comments ("smack of bias" ... "bordering prejudice") that there might have been something distasteful about the way you expressed your opinion, and that might be the reason it was removed.

Actually i told him that it was inaccurate about not being able to set the Auto iso limit.  Also told him that he was incorrect that you cant get a GH3 in asia as I just got mine in Singapore in early March. Also said that unlike him I felt the Panny UI was great and that it was the oly UI that was more difficult.  I told Him that I did not agree with his views but wanted a fairer view to be heard on his blog.  I did not use strong language, was not disrespectful at all.  Thats why he Pi**ed me off when he moderated my post.  If I was rude or angry or said some rubbish, I would understand, but in this case I was moderated/Censored without being given a reason

Of course I want the whole world to know.. my nick on 43rumors is Agrivar.  Nothing to hide.  So dont read anything into that.  So dont you think what i said i wrote as a reply is totally acceptable?

I despise censorship because of wanting to stop dissenting voices.  please let me know what you think.

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