So... How fast is X100s AF in low light?

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Re: So... How fast is X100s AF in low light?

drpants wrote:

I has no problem with the x100's AF speed in good to ok light.

It's when the light dims a bit and my ISO reaches 1600+ that the camera really frustrates me. It would take 2+ seconds to attempt focus AND it fails 3/4 of the time

How has it been improved, if at all?

I have been shooting a lot at f/2 1/60s ISO1600 and the X100s doesn't disappoint. It does slow down noticeably from daylight, but it doesn't hunt and fail. Additionally, if the lens were already focused to a distance that is quite close to what you are focusing on, acquisition time is significantly faster.

The times I get the X100S to hunt and fail are in strong backlit scenes (e.g. shaded subject against a bright background lit by the afternoon sun).

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