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Re: D7100 seems significantly better than D7000

The images from Focus Numerique are a bit odd in that the D7100 images are approximately 0.5EV brighter.

I did not adjust any of the exposures as that would directly affect the comparison - equalizing the brightness levels would have given the D7100 a 0.5 EV noise advantage.As to why the images differ in brightness, it is not clear.

They both show the same exposure parameters (ISO, Tv, and Av). While the lenses used were different, they are both primes and I wouldn't expect that much difference between them. Other possibilities include scene illumination being different, aperture lever mis-calibration or hardware fault; actual ISO values between the two cameras might differ (we know that manufacturer ISO values differ from measured ones significantly).

The differences seen are more than 1 stop (maybe around 1.5) but the D7100 may have an advantage here of only around 0.5 stops due to testing, which is why I suggest that the differences are greater than can be accounted for by the poor testing methodology of FN.

How much better will have to wait till we get better tests...

Default chroma NR 25 on both

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