Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

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Handling and IQ vs speed and features

I don't use video and very rarely shoot fast action, so for me the IQ benefit and external controls on the Fuji series are tops. IQ is not just related to the sensor but the lenses as well, in combination they can produce excellent subject isolation, contrast and colour.

The external controls (and relatively few buttons) also means I can just about handle the Xe1 with my largish hands without hitting the wrong button. Anything smaller (and I've tried) just doesn't work for me.

The large screen and packed rear deck of the OMD meant I was constantly pressing the wrong button on the controller, and none of them had a "positive click" to tell me I had pressed them. The menus are also confusing but sadly necessary because the camera really wasn't set up well by default. You really need to spend a while customising the controls.

And although on paper, the new 16MP MFT sensor is really good, it just cant come close to the subject separation I seem to get with the Fuji, possibly not just because of DOF but also bokeh quality. Good lenses (and there are a few peaches for MFT) are pretty expensive too.

The OMD is a better all round camera, if you want a proper flash system, long lenses, in body IS and tons of customisation, it will do more jobs and do them all well, as long as you can stand the handling. But personally I find the GH3 much easier to use and it kills everything else out there for video (Sony included). It also has a good sensor and all the same lens choices.

So if I wanted an all rounder I would get a GH3 (or possibly a NEX7, though still not big on Sony lenses) but for a pure stills system with wonderful handling, the Fuji is really a poor boy's Leica.

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