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Craig from Nevada
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Adam D Perler wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

I am sorry about your loss. That hurts. On the other hand, the glass is half-full in this case where you have the opportunity to start over with a decent budget and a good bit of experience about what you like and don't like.

Very true Craig. The kit build up over time was very comfortable and natural. It is a bit overwhelming to make these purchases all at once, as I usually try to take my time researching which component to add one at a time. I was hoping to come up with a sound strategy that will allow me to have something for now... but will let me rebuild my system without any regrets. If I had not lost my equipment, I would have waited until the next series of the OMD and e-7 were announced in order to make a decision about my future needs and was ready to convert once I felt the micro 4/3rds was mature enough to cover what I was able to produce with the e-5 and 12-60 and 50-200 combo in a smaller package.

That is why I was thinking of an EPL5 with a couple of lenses to tide me over... and then either go back into the the 4/3rds if the e-7 lives up to its hype... or make a full conversion over to the micro 4/3rds with a pro level OMD. I

I usually can make decisions easily based on what is available and have no regrets about the fact that there is always something new and shinny around the corner... which is why I am surprised that I am struggling a bit with what direction I should head in as I replace my kit.

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The idea of the E-PL5 makes sense for you whether your gear was taken or not.  I have an E-PL2 and a couple of lenses.   It is a nice little camera to have around and to take on business trips.   I can see the value of such a set up with a young family (a gear intensive activity even without the camera).

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