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How the pan-zoom works

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Great job Roel. Some fantastic images.


Do you get to choose the zooming action? or is it random?

You get to choose it.

For every image, you can determine a crop as start-point and another crop as end-point.

The software evolves the image between those two in the time allotted to the photo (and taking into account transition to the next.

For this first effort, I just stayed with 5 seconds for every images (which accounts for the difference in speed of zooming) and had all my transitions as cross-fade.  For a next effort, I should of course finetune that : give some images more time (especially when there is a long way to zoom or pan).  And maybe also no crossfading for every transition, but some clean cuts too.

As for the zooming : the deliberate choice I made was to zoom in on every 1-3-5-7-etc image and to zoom out on every 2-4-6-8-etc image.  Panning gets added to the zoom, when the middle point of the start- and end-crop are different (which is almost always, but sometimes more obvious than other times).

I have a lot to learn.

Jeff, thanks for your input and an interesting question.

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