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Adam D Perler wrote:

mapgraphs wrote:

One thought perhaps,

Depending on your immediate needs, you don't necessarily need to think "new". There are refurbished and used cameras available that could tide you over till you reach a decision point. Both for the Olympus route or another brand. I would probably find it hard to give up the Olympus jpg for another brands attempts to get it as right (for me).

At any rate,You can pick up a very usable refurbished or used e-pl1 for around $130, a used E1 for $190, a used E-M5 for $900 or a used E5 for $1,000. Some examples:

KEH Camera (Olympus bodies)


Cameta Camera - Olympus Compact ILC

Cameta Camera - DSLR - Nikon and Olympus

And of course, there are many, many other options.

I actually forgot about Cameta.... I have heard that they have good deals. Have you had any experience with them? That would be a possible route to replace my HG glass if I go back towards the 4/3rd lineup.

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Yes, I've gotten cameras and SHG glass at Cameta. I've done the same at KEH. If you search the forums for "Cameta Camera" you should find a good body of opinion about them. I haven't had any problems with either Cameta or KEH. I've put together several kits through both retailers. My short wish list has an E1 from KEH.

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