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Re: post-processing workflow

bob5050 wrote:

Any chance that PSE and LR share the same indexing/organization database?

Once you have LR installed, you won't need to use PSE image management. In any case, LR is a better front end for viewing your image collection all keywording, metadata etc. logically arranged on the RH panel and with very flexible filters.

The normal workflow would be to launch Lightroom, insert your memory card into your reader, press Import, and then edit your in images LR. No need to fiddle around creating folders as LR will create a date based folder hierarchy on import completely automatically.

If you want to use PSE on a particular image, press Ctrl + E and the image will open in PSE with any adjustments you made in Lightroom already applied. Make further changes in PSE, then Save, and your edits automagically back appear in LR as a new TIFF file.

So, even when using LR and PSE together, there's never any need to use a File Open or File Save dialog. LR is a very good front end for conventional bitmap editor!

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