Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

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Re: Some thoughts from an owner of both

sgoldswo wrote:

Personally I would take the X-E1 over the E-M5 but it's a far tougher comparison if you bring the GH3 into the fray (IMO it's a better camera than the E-M5).

The old school controls are a lot quicker and more intuitive to use. There is a reason why Leica retained them. This is genuinely a plus and if you don't think so you haven't had enough time with the camera yet.

Since the mid '70s I've used old school controls, but with digital technology has come far more shooting parameters, screen display options, etc.  I've become used to quick and easy access to such things, and personally find the X-E1 limited here.  I realize this is purely personal preference though.

IS is really overrated. I didn't realise that until I bought my GH3 (and I could compare apples with apples). The situation where its really useful is in social stuff. Otherwise just keep your shutter speed high or use a tripod or other support.

Good point, it's mainly in low-light handheld situations (or extreme telephoto which I rarely use) that IS seems critical.

I don't think video on the E-M5 is all that either. It's one reason why I spend a lot more time with the GH3 these days.

Understood.  If it weren't for the GH3's size/form, I'd definitely be considering it.

The E-M5 has really bad ergonomics. ... The GH3 on the other hand has magnificent ergonomics. It may not have dials but it has a button for everything in the style of a FF DSLR.

I think this really is a case of personal preference.  I find the E-M5 very straightforward and ergonomic, although as I haven't spent much time with the GH3 I can't compare the two.

even at base ISO there is a little something extra from the Fuji sensor. It comes down to more natural colour transitions (which look great on skies and skin). Paired with the stunning lenses available for the Fuji the IQ can be very, very impressive.

This is exactly my main concern - will I feel disappointed with the E-M5 images whenever I see Fuji shots?

I'm hoping that a little post-processing might go some way towards bridging any difference in colour balance, tonal transitions, etc.

the Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.95 produces wonderful creamy bokeh (but is very large, heavy and MF).

I'll definitely look into this one - thanks.

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