Recent shrinkage of the Ming Thein GH3 review thread.

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Re: Who is?

texinwien wrote:

IrishhAndy wrote:

texinwien wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Please PM me if you'd like to discuss the recent shrinkage of the Ming Thein, thread. We're not permitted to discuss it here, so PM only please.


The Police let people freely insult Ming Thein, but deleted all negative comments about the GH3?

Welcome this nice New World, where insulting people is allowed, but criticizing gear is a crime and must be censored!

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Just don't criticize the mods' favorite gear, and you'll be fine.

You can bet I'm contacting the higher-ups with my complaint.

Moderators - moderate yourselves.


He is a paid shill. Resistance is futile.

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A solution looking for a problem !

One of the mods?

Who gets cameras from panasonic to review?   Who is made chief mod and can find the time to post 300 times a week?  I am partially housebound and could not post at that rate.

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A solution looking for a problem !

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