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alexisgreat wrote:

Kim, would the dramatic increase in noise with L size DR 400 not happen if it selected the same ISO as M size DR 400?

The issue with L size is that you can't set the same ISO. DR must match ISO (hence DR400 automatically selects ISO400) because this is done with software tricks.

For those who have not been around since 2008, this technique deputed in the S100fs, where the noise increase was not too bad. But I think it has gotten worse, or at least the smearing effect, probably because of the difficulty they have demosaicing this matrix and because of the funky AA filter they need to cover the double wide elongated pixels.

I was doing comparison shots in rather challenging lighting and with aperture priority the camera selected ISO 3200 for both sizes- that's why when L size was resized to M size it showed very similar noise levels, but for some reason the L size image was quite a bit dimmer than the M size image, it was protecting highlights better and cutting shadows to black easier too- so not more DR but a lower overall exposure it seems. I checked EXIF using Irfanview and all the other parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) were exactly the same, the only difference was the original resolution of the pictures.

Do you mean they were dimmer in Lightroom or ACR? Because this is a known issue with the Adobe / Fuji interaction in RAW. Images in M and L have wildly different default interpretations, and ISO changes affect it too.

Maybe this would be a case for your ISO not being boosted with L size DR 400 since it cant be because the camera selected ISO 3200 for L size and M size?

What's going on here?

Some say that only half the sensor is looked at in RAW M mode ... I don't think we have a definitive answer. But empirically, we know that the behavior is plain strange. But don't get too hung up on it ... adjusting the dials still makes for a pretty nice image.

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