Considering 10-22 mm, how long do you think Canon will support "S" lenses?

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FNorman wrote:

With how often they come out with new cameras I would have thought a full frame Rebel be just around the corner. I see there is more to it than that.
I don't see myself investing a great deal of money into a camera body anytime soon, unless there is some dramatic advancement.
I'm surprised to be still enjoying my xsi after almost 5 years and thought I would have upgraded by now, but a new lens seems like it would be so much more useful and enjoyable to use.

Going for a UWA is definitively worthwhile, if you constantly run out of room. I wouldn't want to miss my Canon 10-22 anymore. As mentioned, the crop factor/EF-S is not going away. You will notice that the EOS-M has the same sized sensor, and you can use EF-S lenses on that one as well. There are many more crop cameras sold than FF cameras. Going FF just means more expensive, also with lenses.

The Canon 10-22 is a nice lens, but you could also look at the Sigma 10-20 (f4) or the Sigma 8-16mm.  They can be mounted also on FF cameras, although they will vignette. The Canon 10-22 can also be used on FF, by popping of the rear part, but you have to very careful, at 10mm the rear lens will hit the mirror. Of course it will vignette as well. But you could use it in the 16 (? forgot range) -22mm range on FF, it has been done.

Of course simple thing is to sell everything if you want to change to FF, which I see in my case never happening, because everything gets bigger and heavier.

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