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Re: X100s EVF vs. OVF AF performance

Sebit wrote:

An update from me: I can confirm that in low light (~5EV) AF works much, much better with EVF than with OVF.

It won't even lock on many occasions with OVF, and with the EVF enabled in most cases it just snaps in focus with no problem (sometimes slowly, say, 0.5-1 sec, but it gets there).

I've got the high performance enabled, got the parallax correction frames on, so I'm sure where the focus point lays. I've read through the manual and found no clue what is causing this behaviour.

I've searched through forum looking for a hint, but failed to find it. Perhaps you guys saw some explanation, somewhere?

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Well, nobody's commenting, so I suppose I should

I've noticed that after switching most of the OVF gimmicks off (artificial horizon, histogram etc.) the low light AF performance is much closer between OVF and EVF modes. But still EVF locks focus properly in some scenarios that OVF won't.

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