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mariomirabile wrote:

Every time I load up a bag with my E5/12-60/50-200/7-14/EC-14/FL50R (God forbid I should add the bigma....) I begin to wonder just how hard it would be to switch to a nice compact and light setup of an OMD with a nice light collection of primes.

Don't get me wrong, I love my four thirds gear - especially the glass - and will likely eventually commit to whatever the next body is. However, if I was in your position now, I would seriously look at a lighter and more compact option. If you want to stay in the Oly camp, get enough camera to tide you over till the next announcement. There are some seriously good deals on second and third gen pens at the moment which wouldn't take much of a bite out of your capital and are more than good enough as a stop-gap solution. I also hear great things about the higher end Sony NEX cameras (have a look at Kirk Tuck's blog). The one area where the mirrorless camp still lags is in continuous autofocus, so beware if that's important to you.

If you want to say with a DSLR, Then the HG glass is an excellent reason to stay with Olympus, but the constant speculation of will there/won't there be another body would worry me.

Not a lot of help, I know, but good luck with whatever path you choose.



I had been feeling the same way at times.  While I really loved what I had, now that I need to start over I am thinking of a lighter setup.  I knew what the 4/3rds was capable of in my hands, but have been really intrigued by the u4/3rds options ever since the OMD/EPL5 series and sensors were released.  I would have eventually added a u4/3 option to my kit at some point.  I wouldn't even know where to start with a whole new system... although I have heard good things as well about the Sony NEX cameras.  I will check out Kirks blog as suggested.  I think I will also kick the tires on the Nikon d7100, but you are right... Oly's HG quality glass is hard to replace at a similar price.

Ultimately, I feel that I will stay in the Oly camp since I have never felt like I was missing out elsewhere.  While their sensors have always lagged somewhat, the glass, the innovation, and unique features have always drawn me to Oly since they fit my style of shooting.  I have always been frustrated that they almost have no presence in our local stores.  I think the OMD has opened a lot of peoples eyes to Oly, though.  I suppose that is why I have been at somewhat of a stand still.  I guess I am not alone in this as Olympus's path going forward is still unclear as they work towards a merger between the two systems in the years to come.  I think they have stated this many times and that the current camera economy will eventually demand it.  If I knew the OMD could cover 95% of what I like to shoot then I would take the plunge.  The lens that holds me back is the 50-200.  I LOVED that lens and switch in an instant if I knew it could perform similarly on a u4/3 body.

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