Got Arthritis?

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Re: Got Arthritis?

tazmac wrote:

wrong forum..

Disagree, I think it is a relevant topic.

And addressing the OP's topic... that's a very good question. I myself have some... hand issues... perhaps due to my right hand never getting enough rest (working at the computer 5 days/week, plus photography), so my trigger finger isn't in particularly good shape either.

Some possible ideas:

1) trigger with a different finger -- especially with SLR form factor where you can use your left hand for support, and have more freedom to use a different finger to trigger the shutter; with a battery grip, you can also trigger with your thumb.

2) use a camera with touch focus or touch shutter.

3) use a cable release; attach the cable release to a grip or mount.

4) use a soft release, if the camera's shutter release button supports it (e.g. Leicas, Fuji X-series).

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