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Re: You don't say why you want to switch. So, I don't think you should.

wb2trf wrote:

I don't think you should switch. All cameras are tradeoffs between different objectives. You don't give any indication that you want any of things the Nex offers or that you have any interest in changing what you can do with a camera in which the relationship of subject camera and you can be radically different than with a camera like the 5100. From this, I think you will be unhappy. As if you asked us whether you will be homesick.

I shoot moving children in indoor light with the Nex 5R and the Sel5018. A hard test for the new PDAF, but it is fine. AF was marginal with CDAF only, but still ok. On the other hand the way you can relate to a child when the camera is away from your face and much much smaller is where the big win is, far better than even losing a few shots to AF, which I used to do before the PDAF hybrid came along. That is the new home, but if you don't feel that, don't do it. You'll be homesick for the old big thing.

You are right that I don't really want to change much in what I get out of my current gear, except for a wide angle zoom or prime. I am very satisfied with the fast response and results I get from my  D5100 (more recently D40) with the 35mm prime and 18-55mm zoom (I rarely use my third lens - the 55-200mm zoom). In addition the X100 gets a lot of use - although there are a lot of deleted pictures the keepers I really love. Since I was going to add a Nikon wide angle lens (approx. $500 used) and can still return the D5100 I was curious about whether either the Sony NEX-6/Olympus OM-D/Fujifilm XPRO-1/X-E1 could work for me as they come in a significant less bulky package and with a small/pancake lens are pocketable and unnoticeable to the subject being photographed. My shooting interests are moving children, people/portraits, macro, landscape, street. My DSLR gets uses indoors and on vacation (last vacation I used the X100 and left the SLR stuff in the room, usually I carry the SLR with no more than 1 less on and it is usually the 35mm prime). There are some things I don't want to give up, like an OVF/EVF, reasonably fast AF and startup times, good IQ, and the ability to use quick/manual controls for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, dynamic range, exposure compensation, AF/MF. The smaller package and feel does really appeal to me more so than the Nikon SLR as I am more likely to be carrying my camera or more likely to use it without feeling like obtrusive in certain places/situations the way my SLR makes me feel sometimes. I don't like to draw eyes toward myself and look like a pro (thats what some people say!) and would rather just be inconspicuous.

I agree it makes no sense to buy all the glass right away and that my list above has plenty of overlap. I don't intend to own more than 2-3 lenses, ideally the 16-50, a wide-angle pancake/zoom and a long zoom. As for primes, I am covered with the X100 for now.

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