Tried to sell 1DIII, fell into eBay scam

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Re: Tried to sell 1DIII, fell into eBay scam

Agreed, eBay has become horrible and seems totally unreliable as a vehicle to sell camera equipment (can't vouch for buying).

I've tried 4 times to sell my 5D Mark 3 and EVERY time, I have been scammed.

There are similarities, so I now recognize the scam early on.

First thing to look out for is the fact the winner has zero feedback points and was registered the day of winning the auction.

The next thing to watch out for is some request that will see you sending some info to their email address. Be aware that this will expose your real email address! (if you communicate via eBay's messaging center, they never see your email). Once you sent them the info they asked for, thus providing them with your email address, you will get an email that looks like it came from PayPal.

Usually, the fake PayPal email says something like "funds have been sent, but are on hold until you provide proof of shipping".

Usually, they add $100 or more as they are "buying" the item for their friend/son/cousin/brother somewhere else (often in Nigeria).

It is all fake!

So, beware of any request to send them something as that is how they get your email address. Do all communication through eBay as that hides your real email address.

eBay has become horrible, I will not use them any more.

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