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Rich Z
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2013 Redwood Region Logging Conference

I'm not a logging fan.  Forty years ago, I worked to stop the avaricious logging practices and save what is left of the old growth redwoods.  But I am a RR nut and most other types of machinery attract me and my camera, especially steam powered machinery.  So, here are way too many pictures.  I ended up with a baker's dozen I couldn't resist posting.  Sorry,  Rich

Recipe for camera food:  Take 100+ year old gypsy locomotive, add water, bring to boil, add children, feed result to camera.  Yummy!

Beautiful old steam donkey provided power out in the woods.

That roller is somebody's baby and they restored it as art.

My guess is:  This one rides like a truck.  The suspension dampening consists of the disks between your vertebra

Sorry, but you didn't have to look at them all.


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