New lens for E-PL1 - Suggestions?

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New lens for E-PL1 - Suggestions?

Hi.  I currently have an E-PL1 with kit lens.  I've had my camera long enough to realize both that I'll need to upgrade it (not on the menu right now, so let's not get off topic) and that I love Micro 4/3 - good features, good quality photos, and super portable. Having decided to stay in the Micro 4/3 family, I'm ready to get a new lens.

I'm not so much down with the lingo, so don't judge, and I'd appreciate it if you don't get unnecessarily lingo heavy (because as much as I may appreciate the time taken to respond, it defeats the purpose if I don't understand). Also, I kind of have no idea, hence the post.  If I'm looking for something that doesn't exist, read between the lines, suggest something similar.

I take mostly "urban landscape" photos. I almost never do video, portraits, action/sport, etc, so these aren't major considerations.  I work primarily in B&W, if that's relevant.

I would like a lens that's pretty flexible.  I'd like to able to carry 1 lens and take different types of pictures (good quality both very close up or at a distance), that has good low light quality.  I want to experiment with depth of field, bokeh, etc., so a lens that can be used for that would be nice as well.

I'm primarily looking at primes, shortlist (in order) includes the Panasonic 20mm/ f1.7, Olympus 17mm/ f2.8, or Panasonic 14mm/ f2.5.  I'm open to non-prime suggestions.  If my kit lens is the best for my needs, please let me know.

I'm can only afford $400 or so, so please respect that.  I would really rather you not get me excited about some $700 lens, I can't get it so it would just be cruel.

I uploaded a bunch of photos to my gallery if that will help your suggestions. Only the "Abandoned Warehouse" photos were taken with the E-PL1, the rest with a small point and shoot. (And please feel free to stroke my artistic ego).

Thank you!

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Olympus PEN E-PL1
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