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Adam D Perler wrote:

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Adam D Perler wrote:

I have been a long time and proud Olympus owner. I stared with the e-330 and then graduated to an e-3 and then moved on to the e-5. I have loved my equipment. About 1 month ago, I had my camera bag stolen out of my car which included my e-5, 12-60, 50-200, and my ec-14. Thankfully my home owners insurance will help me replace my equipment. Had I not lost my kit, I planed on looking to see what the e-7 brings as an upgrade to the e-5, especially since I had already had a substantial investment in 4/3rds. Now I just have my fl50r flash and my 50mm macro lens left.

With that being said, I am trying to decide what to do. I don't think I want to get the e5 again at this point, as the e7 is just around the corner and should be a significant step forward. I was hoping for a hybrid camera that would allow me to take advantage of both lens lineups.

I have two young children so I am shooting action photos, portraits, occasional dance recitals, street candids, and local sports (cycling). I do some semi-professional stuff, but I mostly would say that I am an advanced enthusiast who occasionally does shoots and sells a gallery photo here and there.

I have about a 5k budget with my replacement money. I have thought about grabbing an epl5 as a small and cheap solution while I wait out to see whether or not the "pro-omd" will fit the bill this fall. This way I would be able to have two systems that share the same lenses.

The other option would be to grab the omd-em5 now and with the new lens rebate ($150 per lens), replace the 12-60 and 50-200 and then wait for the e-7 to come out. Then I will have a take along camera for family stuff (the em5) and the e-7 for any shoots I do.

The final option would be to sit tight and grab a high end point and shoot such as the lx7 ($300 currently) and then wait it out until the fall. I just want to make sure I don't miss out on any photo opportunities as my girls are growing between now and the Fall announcements.

I got advice from one pro who told me to grab the Lx7 and the Nikon d7100 as this set up will likely compete well with the newer Olympus models for a smaller price tag and would be every bit as versatile. (d7100 body only is $1100 versus the current price of the e-5 at $1699).

Any advice is welcome. I have gone back and forth with this and for some reason cannot think clearly. While I am excited about the new possibilities, I would have rather not been in this situation. But since I am, I would like to make the most of it.

What would you do given where we are with Olympus. I have not gotten into the doom and gloom, but perhaps that is because I was heavily invested with equipment. I have been a huge supporter over the past 10 years, but if I ever were to look at the current competitors, this would be the time. On the other hand, I am an artistic shooter and have always felt Olympus innovation enhanced my ability to use my equipment in a more artistic way... I guess it is the infamous oly colors.



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When I see it... I remember it. When I read it... I learn it. When I do it... I understand.

The best advice I can give is to reach into your heart and soul and search for what excites you in photography, and how you wish to be challenged and rewarded. None of us knows what the future will bring with anything, let alone Olympus or another camera maker may or may not do. I know what works for me (well some of the time anyhow). I do not know what works for you. As your signature line says....when I do it...I understand it. And best of everything, whatever path you choose.



That is great insight. I know my old equipment best and very little about the u4/3rds line or the other camera makers. I believe I have a personal bias towards Olympus, but that is based on my past experiences only. I guess I should take my time and look at some of the other options out there and see if any of them speak to me in the way my old Olympus equipment did. I loved my e-5, but I do have to admit... it was a bit cumbersome at times for the more casual shoots. Like you said, I will just have to go and get some different cameras in my hand and see if they excite me at all. I was just hoping to see what other ideas members of this column had, especially since this is the forum that my photography started with 10 years ago.

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When I see it... I remember it. When I read it... I learn it. When I do it... I understand.


I'm in a similar situation in regards to the waiting and watching my 3yr old daughter grow.  I too shoot with the E330 and have the 12-60mm lens and enjoy both, but have been waiting for Olympus to do something with their dSLR side of the business.

I too keep my eye to 4/3 rumors every day to try to keep hope that the elusive E7 will come to fruition and it will be SHG/HG happy.  I'm also looking very seriously at the Sony A77(future78) just like future E7, to see what happens.  From what I read on alpha rumors Sony will have some type of announcement in June/July and Olympus following behind them in August with some announcement.  I am tired of waiting since 2008 to upgrade my E330, almost purchased the E5 but my gut told me to hold off and I'm glad I did.  I've waited 6yrs I can wait 5-6 months longer.  That's my suggestion to you, try to wait it out at least till August hoping Olympus will at a minimum inform the photography world if the next camera will be an E7 or hybrid 4/3///m4/3. If you look back at the Dpreview camera timeline you will notice the Olympus historically has most of the time come out with a new dSLR during the September-October.  This is why I believe that by sometime in August we all should be hearing something from Olympus concerning the next Ex camera.  If not, then for me, I'm heading straight for the Sony A77/ that time, 6 yrs is long enough to wait to upgrade from my E330.

On the the part about missing the moments of your kids growing I would put into perspective as in 5 months compared to 18 years.  I totally understand wanting to capture those precious moments as well.  If you can't wait the 5 months without shooting then If I were you I would roll the dice and purchase the OMD and use the saving to replace the 12-60 and 50-200mm.The OMD is an excellent little camera, but for me its to little/to small of a camera.  If it were bigger I would probably purchase it.

I personally stay away from the Nikon D7100 due to quality control problems is having at their manufacturing facility.  Just look at the issues with the D600 FF dust/oil spots and how poorly Nikon has handled it.

Good luck with your decisions.  Just offering my 2cents.


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