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Fogsville wrote:

I have a D600 and it has a debris issue. I'll never send it to Nikon, that's a waste of time, effort, and expense on my part. I'll just clean it myself (takes only a few minutes and is so easy to do.) I've had to wet clean it several times so far, but overall the camera has served its purpose for my needs (a high pixel count back up body to my D3s.) The IQ is excellent and it was only $2k (considering it's as good in IQ as the D3x which was almost $9k when new in 2008.) At first I considered the issue a real PITA but then simply telling myself that I can live with it solved it all for me

Totally agree with you, I have around 7000 shutter actuations and the dust problem is getting much less and it takes me a few minutes to wet clean the sensor. I empowered myself by learning to clean the sensor and now this whole problem doesn't seem that big of an issue to me anymore.

I had the same problem back when the D7000 came out and I use to whinge like mad but it never did solve anything by doing that. In those days I didn't have the knowledge to wet clean my sensor instead I gave up and sold it, what a waste of a good camera. If only I stuck with it like I have with the D600 and learned to clean the sensor, this D600 is a great camera the photos are amazing my other camera is a D700 and that hardly gets used now.

I read this thread just after wet cleaning my sensor here is the result, took about 5 minutes to do.

Before and after wet cleaning the sensor

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